The Cranery

  • This house designed for specific requirements but also able to adapt as the needs of the family change.
  • When it rains, the water from the roofs is collected in a 1.2metre wide concrete gutter running the length of the house and is discharged onto a sloping sheet of glass, giving the impression of being inside a waterfall. From there the water runs down a rill into the fish pond.
  • The open pole trussed roof and reed ceiling of this living room, helps make the room appear larger than it would, had the ceiling been flat.
  • Pre-cast concrete windows have been used to create this shower. Depending on which way they are laid they provide shelves on the inside for shampoos and shower gels, and outside for plants and knick-knacks.
  • An alcove was created to accommodate a wood burning stove. Glass bricks were used to give light, emphasising the feature in the room. The feature is repeated in the bedroom above where the flue provides a little extra heat.