Services Offered

Standard Services

We provide an architectural service which operates within the codes – prescribed by the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) and members of the South African Institute of Architects (SAIA), also the Cape Institute for Architecture (CIFA).

The basic service is divided into five stages and the fee calculation is based on a percentage of the building cost. Alternatively an hourly basis can be used. Further details can be found on the SACAP website in the downloads section, under Tariff of Fees – Board Notice 161 of 2001, and also the latest ‘Tariff of Fees’ update. Partial service is also available.

Supplementary Services

Further services are available and are charged on an hourly basis. (A more detailed breakdown is set out in the SAIA’s ‘Private Sector Client/Architect Agreement)

We welcome you to meet with us for a one-off consultation at our office in Stellenbosch, to discuss the tailoring of our available services to suit your needs and budget, without any obligation. Click here to contact us.