Paternoster Holiday House

  • A family holiday house designed in two distinct sections. The thatched portion is for the parents and the vaulted section at the rear for the children or guests. There is a sheltered court yard within the ‘L’ shaped plan complete with Juliette balcony from the master bedroom.
  • Small bricked barrel vaults are quite common along the West Coast but the 6 metre span required for this building was too great for that method. Reinforced concrete was the only feasible alternative but conventional shuttering would have been too expensive. The solution was to bend small ‘I’-beams to the arched profile and fill between with crimped expanded metal on straining wires which was then sprayed with concrete and trowelled smooth as you would a swimming pool.
  • The water feature provides a focal point for the sheltered courtyard, and the outside shower is a practical solution for keeping the sand from inside the Paternoster house.
  • A series of arches along the east boundary serving the main entrance, the outside shower and other links reflect in a smaller scale, the vaulted roof which runs parallel.